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Little Sprouts Nursery Core values

‘Working for over 10 years with young learners, I’ve seen first-hand how children that are usually considered shy, withdrawn and reluctant to speak in English; have flourished into overly enthusiastic confident users of the English language. On the basis of my experience, I’ve formulated the Total English Submersion program. With the right caretakers, stimulations, activities, props and fun, children are encouraged to grasp and use English language in a natural fluid way.’
Terry-Lee O’Connor, Little Sprouts Nursery Director

Here at Little Sprouts Nursery, while submersing the children in English, we understand that it’s important to consider their development from a holistic viewpoint. The early childhood period is a very crucial and vital time in the child’s developmental growth and education. Children are very receptive and absorbent of their surroundings and interactions.

We consider the child’s growth process like that of a seed.

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